Why Writing Long Copy is a lot Like Throwing Shit on a Wall…

Today’s swipe is short, sweet and timely… just like when it was originally written (circa 2012).

“Bernanke’s Deal with the Devil” is about the ravaging affects of inflation on your finances, which, if you’ve been paying attention is a hot topic right now!

For example, from the Financial Times — “Powell inflation comments sends U.S. stocks and bonds lower.”

There’s a lot of powerful imagery in they copy. If I recollect rightly, it sold very well. Converting cold traffic on the Money Morning website.

You’ll also notice it’s significantly shorter than most promos posted here…

As we know, long copy sells. But that doesn’t mean you should write 70 pages when 7 will do the job. In fact, many copywriters are guilty of waffling on for too long, I think!

In some ways it’s easier to throw mounds of shit on the wall and hope enough of it sticks, instead of writing carefully and succinctly.

And I bet, given the choice, the prospect will pick the 5-minute pitch over the 50-minute pitch every time!


There’s a lot of powerful imagery in today’s copy, and a great offer.

You could essentially just swap Bernanke’s name with Powell’s (the new head of the Federal Reserve) and this would probably work right now.

Take a look…

Bernanke’s Deal with the Devil

When the cheap money implodes, millions of Americans will go broke (again!). Others will be on the right side of the trade and make a fortune.

Please get this urgent report immediately.

Dear Reader,

I’m Bill Patalon, the founding editor of Money Morning.

In my 30 years uncovering the inner workings of the financial world, I’ve seen about every slick move that can be made…

Moves that have made insiders fortunes… and moves that have blindsided the everyday guy trying to build his nest egg.

But I’ve never seen one as strange — or as frightening — as what’s happening right now.

We’ve got the stock market defying gravity and reaching nearly all-time highs nearly every day.

But I’m here to tell you with unwavering commitment:

This is a phony “wealth-trap” created by Bernanke’s cheap money.

This money mirage is built on a foundation of quicksand — and it’s about to suffocate the careless investor.

GDP growth is an out-and-out life… Real job creation is non-existent… Inflation is rising (don’t believe the government)… And let’s not forget America’s nearly $17 trillion debt that hovers over our heads like a death star.

Legendary investor Jim Rogers recently told me “Bill, this is a race to insanity” and said, “A lot of people are having a good time. But I know it’s going to end badly.”

And it’s likely to collapse sooner than most people think.

What are you going to do with your money before the plug gets pulled?

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