How Doodads and Knick-Knacks Can Boost Sales…

There’s an old rule in the world of direct response marketing and copywriting: “Sell the premium. Not the product.”

Today’s swipe is a perfect example of that…

The “premium” by the way, is a free bonus someone gets with their purchase. In the newsletter publishing industry, that’s almost always a bundle of special reports.

For example, here’s the top of an order form for Casey Research’s Strategic Investor newsletter.

You’ll notice that the product — Strategic Investor — isn’t even mentioned. Instead, three bonus reports lead…

Sell the premium. Not the product.

Downloadable reports are perfect premiums because the only cost is the time and effort required to produce them. There are no material, storage and fulfilment costs.

BUT, in a world awash with downloadable PDF reports, physical premiums can be perceived as more valuable and more unique… it could be a way to make your next campaign standout and sell more…

One company that’s had a lot of success using physical premiums is Newsmax.

And in today’s sales letter for your swipe file you’ll see how they use a cheap wind-up radio to sell a newsletter subscription.

Remember, this sales letter is from 2011… the economy has cratered and there’s a democrat in the white house… so if you’re a potential Newsmax subscriber, then owning a wind-up radio is just good common-sense.

Especially when it’s “FREE…”

Click here to download the full promo.

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