How to Profit from the Second Wave of the Pandemic (Oh, and help others too. Obviously.)

We’re living in truly apocalyptic times. Where I’m currently living, the pubs have been forced to close again.

The inhumanity!

Where am I supposed to work!?

Even more restrictions are likely coming.

We could soon return to shelves emptied of toilet roll (yet curiously, still well-stocked with food and water).

But alas, it’s not a time to despair. We’ve got a job to do! Manias are selling opportunities.

Post-2010, the independence/survivalism market was booming. Sales letters like this were making a killing.

Even financial publisher Stansberry & Associates tried to get in on the action, and did so successfully with the sales letter below.

Now, in the Covid-era the independence/survivalism market is making a comeback. A “second wave” will surely be a boon. Are you ready to claim your share of the spoils (by helping people survive and thrive)?

The swipe below shows you don’t even have to be cemented in the niche to profit (while also helping people).

You can read the headline and lead below, or click here to download the full sales letter.

3 Critical Items that are NOT
In your home today—which you
MUST have to Survive a Crisis

Minnesota medical doctor urges Americans to act now. Because once a crisis starts, these important provisions will be impossible to get.

Dear Fellow American,

Hi, my name is Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

I’m a medical doctor originally from Minnesota, and today I want to share with you an amazing story.

It’s about what actually happens and how people react in a REAL crisis situation.

I think this story will be a real eye-opener.

Because it not only explains human nature… but also the importance of preparation… and how having one small device at home (which is no bigger than a flashlight) could have made life much, much easier for millions of people.

I hope this story will be a wake-up call.

And after seeing it, I hope you’ll take a few simple steps I’m recommending, to protect yourself and your family.

Here’s the story I want to share…

On May 1, 2010, at about 10am, two sections of a 10-foot pipe ruptured in the town of Westin, Massachusetts.

Westin, by the way, is a small suburb, located 15 miles west of Boston.

The failure of these large pipes disrupted the areas main water supply and sent as much as 8 million gallons of water per hour spilling directly into the Charles River.

Almost immediately, the drinking supply for millions of area residents was contaminated.

As a result, Governor Deval Patrick issued a “state of emergency.” And the city also used its “reverse 911” system, placing phone calls to affected residents’ homes.

Ultimately, the governor issued a “boil-water order,” explaining that tap water should be boiled for one minute before drinking.

Obviously, this was a problem requiring urgent attention… but in the grand scheme of things, it should have been a pretty minor inconvenience, right?

After all… water (even though it was potentially contaminated) was still flowing from faucets and toilets still flushed. The electricity still worked.

So this shouldn’t have been a very big deal, right?

Well… wait till you see how the local residents reacted.

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