The Trojan Horse Copywriting Secret (Sneaky!)

Few important things to mention about today’s sales letter swipe…

First, it was a massive blockbuster for The Bob Livingston Letter. I got it in the mail a lot! I remember a variation with the headline “R.I.P. America”, and there might have been a few more.

Second, this mailed in the End of America era, post-2008 financial crisis. In fact, I think this is was another “homage” to Stansberry’s End of America promo. So the copywriter, who’s name I’m forgetting, saw what was working and modelled (this is why you should pay attention to your competition and keep a swipe file!).

Third, and this is speculation on my part, there’s a very successful old health promotion written by Arthur Johnson with the headline “Fed Up?” I’m betting the copywriter of this package has that promo in his swipe file, and perhaps took a little inspiration from it when writing this headline…

Finally, notice how this sales letter is designed… this format is called a “magalog” (magazine + catalog). Basically, it’s a sales letter disguised as a magazine so it’s not immediately tossed into the thrash. Some folks are prejudice against good copywriting for some reason, so you have to Trojan Horse your way into their A-pile.

Anyway, here’s “Fed Up America?”…

For your convenience, you can read the headline and lead below or click here to download the entire file (this is big, almost 30MB!).

Fed Up America?

The Federal Government is lying to you.

The TRUTH is that Washington is poised to trigger a hyperinflation crisis that will trash your wealth almost overnight. In the pages of this report, you’ll find 7 HIDDEN keys to surviving and even thriving in this emergency. Please read on.

Inflation under control?

EXPOSED in this Great REcession Crisis Survival Report:

  • Chinese secretly dumping dollars and buying tons of gold…
  • Congress meets and plans confiscation of your private retirement accounts.
  • Government covers up REAL inflation and deficit numbers.
  • Federal Reserve planning to devalue the dollar overnight, while you sleep.
  • Government secretly printing RED bills to replace dollar during hyperinflation crisis…
  • Obama planning to tax the “rich” into oblivion…
  • Coming in 12 months: $25 for a loaf of bread. $60 for a pound of hamburger meat. $10 for a bag of rice. $37 for a gallon of gas.

Dear fellow American,

In the next 12 months, an economic “Pearl Harbor” will hit America. It’s called hyperinflation and you need to prepare right NOW.

What happens when hyperinflation hits? Your savings will be GONE. Your CDs? Worthless. The cash in your wallet? Toilet paper. Your retirement plan? Hope for a job at Kmart.

Bread will cost $25 a loaf. Hamburger meat will cost $60/pound. Gas will cost $37/gallon… that’s a $500 fill up! I know this sounds absolutely insane. But you need to prepare NOW because it’s already started…

Prices are rising rapidly as I write this letter, and they’re expected to explode when HYPERINFLATION hits in the next 12 months. And if THAT happens… ALL bets are off. Prices could increase 1,000 percent or more within days. (It happened in Weimar Germany in the 1920s = citizens had to use wheelbarrows instead of wallets to carry enough bills to buy food!)

I know it’s hard to believe. In fact, our politicians are counting on the fact that this scenario is “unthinkable” to the public. After all, this is America. We are the land of the free… the home of the brave… NOTHING like this will ever happen to the good old American dollar.

BALONEY… complete and utter BALONEY. The truth is that…

Forget any minor rallies, the writing is on the wall: The U.S. Dollar has a date with DOOM

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