A Creative Way to Supercharge Your Offer…

Is a discount just a discount? Or is it a personal check for $2,500 you’re getting as part of a special “Pay-It-Back” event?

We’ve talked about the idea of “transubstantiation” before and I have a particularly good example from Money Map Press…

It’s a creative way of turning a regular, run-of-the-mill offer into something that SEEMS unique and irresistible.

Frankly, I’m surprised at how well it works and when you understand what’s happening, you’ll probably be surprised too…

But the fact is, variations of this idea have probably made billions of dollars for Money Map Press’ publisher, Agora…)

So take a look!

You can read the headline and lead below, or click here to download the entire sales letter.

The Money Map Press
“Pay-It-Back” Event

I’ve Just Authorized the Biggest
Cash Transfer of my Life – As a “Thank You”
to Our Most Avid and Loyal Readers

And I want You to Use Your Share to Get Rich in 2014

Dear Reader,

This morning I authorized the biggest bank transfer of my life.

I asked our accontants to quietly move $10 million of company money to a special checking account that I just set up.

Now I don’t care how rich you are…

Ten million dollars is a heck of a lot of money!

Without getting into too many details, it’s an amount that represents a huge share of Money Map Press’ revenues for all of 2013.

But over the Christmas break I decided:

I’d like to “give it back” so that you, once of our most loyal readers, can share in our success.

Now, why would I do such a thing?

It’s simply really…

“Payback” for a Great Year All-Round

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