Should You Swipe Sales Letter Failures Like This?

Today’s sales letter for your swipe file is “Hessvile, USA” by copywriter Mike Palmer. This is one of Palmer’s rare under performers if I remember correctly, but I really like it…

Perhaps the idea was too clever?

Maybe it was just poor timing?

Whatever the case… just because it wasn’t a blockbuster, doesn’t mean there aren’t good ideas hidden in there for you to swipe… the promo was still written by one of the best copywriters in the world (and arguably THE best)… and his under performer is another copywriter’s smash hit!

Perhaps there’s a sub-headline or a sentence buried deep in the promo that’s a million-dollar idea for you?

Have a read and see for yourself…

You can read the headline and lead below, or click here to download the full sales letter.

Hessville, USA

America’s Secret
Retirement Haven

It’s the only place we know of where Retirees can get free apartments… 80%-OFF dinners… HALF-OFF utilities… free prescription drugs… free golf… free cars… even money from the government…

Dear Reader,

After the worst financial collapse in U.S. history, most Americans are worried about how to pay for retirement.

But a small group of about 14,000 men and women have found a little-known retirement utopia called “Hessville”, where the perks for retirees are simply extraordinary…

One retiree we spoke to, for example, is 70-year-old Murray Roth, originally from Martinsburg, WV.

Roth took advantage of a special program for residents of “Hessville” to receive an extra $1,033 per month for retirement. As he told us: “It’s free money…”

A local named Martin Paulson told us about how in “Hessville”, he played 44 rounds of golf in a row… FREE of charge… including several rounds on courses that are ranked among the Top 100 in the world. Paulson told us: “I would have never believed this was possible if I hadn’t done it myself.”

Another local we talked to, named Carl Calman (originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana), was shocked to discover the hige discounts at great restaurants. He told us: “We ata the most delicious dinner at a very high-class establishment, a bit off the beaten path… and saved 92%!”

The point is, if you are retired, or wish to retire someday soon, “Hessville” is a place worth investigating.

You can slash your living costs by at least 50%… You can get free vacations and nearly free dinners… You can get free golf and huge discounts on movies, theater, and cable TV… You can also get thousands of extra dollars per month to spend in retirement… withouth habing to work, or make a single investment.

And I haven’t even told you the best part…

  • Even if you have no desire to pick up and move, you can still take advantage of all of the benefits “Hessville” has to offer, withouth ever leaving home.

How is this possible?

Let me show you…

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