Rip-Off This Simple Yet Powerful Headline Formula (All The Best Copywriters Are Doing It!)…

Today I’m giving you a break from the doom and gloom to share what I think is a fun sales letter with an amazing headline.

It’s for a “dating” product called Pandora’s Box which was very successful for a time.

Here’s that headline:

“Do You Know Which 3 Questions Scientists Used to Get Laid?”

There’s a lot going on in this one-sentence headline, so let’s break it down a bit before I share the full promo with you…

First, it’s a question. A challenge. It invokes curiosity. Invites reading. Similar to Maxwell Sackheim’s classic headline “Do You Make These Mistakes in English?”

There’s credibility too… because scientists are super smart, but they are also super geeky. So if you feel you’re not getting any because of your looks you relate.

Also, “Get Laid” clearly calls out the target market here–young males. Imagine how much weaker this would be if it was about getting a meaningful, lasting, relationship!

Anyway, the headline alone is worth careful study and easily modified for many different markets (Do You Know Which 3 Exercises Doctor’s Do to Cure Erectile Dysfunction, etc). Enjoy!

You can read the headline and lead below, or click here to download the full sales letter.

Do You Know Which 3 Questions
Scientists Use to Get Laid?

Discover Exactly What She Wants To Hear:
Read Her Mind As Easily As You Read This Letter…
(No More “Guessing” – Ever Again!)

Dear Friend,

On February 6, 2010, three corrupt researchers discovered a “loophole” in the female mind.

My name is Benjamin. And I’m writing you this letter because you’ll never read about this research in the paper… hear about it on the news… and this is the most you’ll ever read about it on the internet. Yet this tiny piece of science is the key to as much intense, passionate sex as you can handle.

“Because This Loophole Allows Any Man
To Read A Woman’s Thoughts
As If They Were Written On Paper…!”

Even if you’ve “trained” with these techniques for less than one hour.

A leading Harvard Psychologist, 19 major corporations (such as GE, The Wharton School of Business and even The US Army) as well as this Ph.D. professor from UCLA all us this research for themselves:

“The Most Insightful Science I’ve Seen in YEARS…


…And those corrupt scientists tested over 1,026 women in The United States, so far. So the science is real, and proven.

Thanks to this breakthrough…

“You Can Get A Phone Number,
A Date Or Even A
First Kiss With ANY Woman
In 5 Minutes Or Less…”

Here’s exactly how it works:

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