The Secret of “Transubstantiation”

In Catholicism, “transubstantiation” is the process of turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.

Basically, taking something ordinary and making it divine. And it’s something copywriters do a lot…

Take Einstein’s “Space Energy” sales letter from Money Map Press

“Space Energy” is actually plain, boring old solar power. But if the copywriter came right out and said that in the headline–most folks would ignore it. That’s because most people have heard of solar power, and already have their opinions on it.

So the copywriter overcomes that simply by calling it something else, something cool, and adding Einstein’s credibility to it.

See for yourself in the lead below, or download the entire sales letter here.

Einstein’s Space Energy

If you think Einstein won the Nobel Prize for “relativity”, you’d be wrong.

He won it for his little-known theory of “space energy.”

Now, after 110 years, we have the technology to harness Space Energy into “infinite” power – forever.

It could also create endless wealth

While everyone is preoccupied with the ongoing oil soap opera…

The biggest upheaval in the history of commercial energy is quietly unfolding.

And it has nothing to do with fracking, drilling, oil sands, pipelines, Putin, OPEC, Iran, the House of Saud…

Or anything else on the mainstream radar right now.

It’s happening because of an obscure energy breakthrough Einstein himself figured out more than a century ago.

So far in history, this world-changing breakthrough has only been possible on a very small scale.

But suddenly – due to a technological quantum leap I’m about to show you…

The awesome power of Einstein’s vast, never-ending “Space Energy” is no longer solely the stuff of theoretical physics…

It’s no commercially voable on a global scale.

In fact, the mad rush into this new technology is already beginning – and it’s about to turn the global electricity industry upside down.

Why should you care about that, as long as your lights stay on?

Because if you’re one of the lucky few who know about this historic shift before the masses catch on (which will be soon)…

And if you know the one way to play it right…

You stand to collect some of the biggest profits in the history of energy investing.

If my estimates are correct, you could EASILY score north of 200 times your money – in just the short to medium length-term!

And while nothing in the investment world is guaranteed, that could only be a drop in the bucket.

If you get out in front of this thing the way I’m about to show you…

You could actually set yourself and your family up for practically endless wealth.

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