Ultra Specificity, by Being Unspecific?

I don’t know much about this sales letter, but I’m guessing it was very successful because it was advertised heavily on ad networks for a couple of years around 2013/14 (typically, you’re not going to spend money promoting a sales letter for that long if it’s not profitable).

The ads were somewhat unmissable too (if you’re male), often featuring a scantily clad, and/or seductive-looking female…

The 4 Dangers destroying men today! plus: 1 Weird way to get to ...

The promise in the promo is vague, “how to get to the top and win”, which perhaps appeals to most men’s unfulfilled ambition (Henry David Thoreau said that “men lead lives of quiet desperation”)… and being so unspecific let’s the reader fill in the blanks in their own mind, and imagine what specifically success means to them ( a new car, a promotion, a bigger house, a younger wife… if you mention just one thing, it perhaps alienates the other men with different desires, so this headline is casting a very wide net–basically, all men who want more out of life!).

This by the way, goes against the copywriting rule of being “ultra-specific” — the more specific the more believable — this promo headline proves that’s not always the case because there’s nothing very specific about it.

Anyway, read it and see for yourself…

For your convenience, you can red the lead below, or click here to download the entire sales letter.

The 4 Dangers Destroying Men Today
Plus Once Weird Way to Get to the Top & Win

Dear Friend,

I have some bad news for you today…

I’m not sure if there’s a conspiracy behind it but these dangerous trends have been robbing you of the vitality, zest and success that you truly deserve…

Feeling confident and having success, as a male has never been more difficult… and today I’m going to show you why and deliver a ton of free information on how to take charge of your life and get to the top… while feeling healthier, stronger and much more confident…

One of the vital indicators of male health is sperm… our contribution to the survival of the human race… Unfortunately, male sperm counts have been dropping alarmingly in the last half-century.

The most comprehensive study about this was published in the British Medical Journal in 1992. It contained a series of 61 studies in seme analysis involving 15,000 healthy men from 20 countries and 7 continents and excluded men from fertility clinics that might have low sperm counts.

Worldwide, between 1940 and 1990 the average sperm in a milliliter of male semen dropped more than 50%. The percentage of men with extremely low sperm count tripled in the last half century.

If this downward trend has continued since 1990, and there is substantial evidence that it has as you will soon discover, the average male that’s 30 years old today has less than 25% the sperm count of the average male born in 1925!

So if you’re over 30 years old OR if you’re not waking up with an erection each morning (morning wood is another sign of male health), then you need to pay very close attention to this presentation.

And at the end of this presentation you will realize that these 18 minutes you’ve invested in yourself might be the best spent 18 minutes of the entire year… Why? Because men who watch this video will become much more succesful and those who don’t will remain victims. Fair enough?

Now if there are any women in the room, please ask them to leave because of the very personal and intimate nature of this presentation… and please watch this now while it’s still up…. and while it’s still free…

The research and clinical studies you’re about to discover cost over $400,000.

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