“Enter The Conversation Already Going On in Your Prospect’s Mind”

Another winner from copywriter John Ford, and one of my personal favorites…

Legendary copywriter Rober Collier said “enter the conversation already going on in your prospects mind.”

“Retirement, Plan B” does this perfectly. The reader just witnessed their retirement savings get obliterated by the housing crisis. And it’s still fresh in their memory how virtually every “expert” failed to warn them about this.

Now, it’s time to dust themselves off and take matters in their own hands, with Retirement, Plan B

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Enroll today and immediately start collecting “pension paychecks” every 12 days, for the rest of your life…

Retirement, Plan B:

Withouth doing a single moment’s wok, now you can legally sneak onto the “payroll” of over 1,000 of America’s best companies…

And collect a regular “Plan B Pension” check as often as every 12 days…

At any age and for as long as you like, even after you’ve already retired…

With nonstop annual incomes running as high as $120,000 or more…

Dear Friend,

Suppose you could collect up to $120,000 in work-free “paychecks” every single year.

Even if you’re retired. At any age. And for as long as you like.

What I’ll show you is that, thanks to a few little-publicized opportunities, now you can.

What’s more, you can even pass this steady stream of annual cash that I’ll introduce you to… to your spouse, to your children, even to your grandchildren.

In fact, many of America’s richest families count on these “plans” to do exactly that for their own loved ones. What exactly are we talking about?

This technique goes by many names. I call it the “Plan B Pension.”

As I said, this strategy rarely grabs the big headlines.

Even though it’s the best “little-talked-about” retirement secret I’ve ever come across.

I’ll show you how it works over the next five minutes. I’ll also reveal why right now, in the midst of the greatest market shakeout since the 1930s, this may be the best time in history for you to take a closer look at this secret.

Why? For one thing, “Plan B Pensions” have a proven track record over time.

They can nearly double your market performance.

And “Plan B Pensions” give you many, many times more options for rebalancing your portfolio in a shifting market than you’ll see in either the classic plans or more modern versions, like the 401(k) approach.

What’s more, unlike those better-known approaches, with a “Plan B Pension”, you’ll never butt your head against age limits, withdrawal penalties or participation restrictions.

As long as you enroll, you can participate.

You don’t have to work for anybody to get in.

You don’t have to give away a piece of your paycheck every month either.

Once you set up your “Plan B Pension”, it starts running itself.

You can start getting checks issues in your name every 12 days, on average. And getting this ball rolling can be as easy as opening a savings account.

In fact, I’ll show you six different “Plan B Pensions” programs you’re invited to join right now. I’m not personally affiliated with any of them. But after a lot of research and analysis–all of which I’ll share with you–these six moves are easily the best “Plan B” opportunities you’ll find on the market today.

The report that details each of these six moves is yours to send for, at no charge. You can download it right after you read this or I can mail it to you. I shod you how to set that up and the end of this letter.

And by the way, you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

You can get into some of these “Plan B Pension” programs with as little as $10.

And once you’re set up, you can be collecting as many as 38 “Plan B Pension paychecks” each year… with your first in this lifelong stream of cash windfalls arriving in as little as two weeks from today.

Like a classic fixed-benefit pension, these checks keep coming for as long as you need them… and long after you retire. And like a 401(k), with “Plan B Pensions”, you can also get “matched” gains… where the “plan” owner actually kicks in some extra cash with each payout, just to reward you for participating in the “plan”.

This chart shows how “Plan B Pensions” compare…


In some of these “plans”, you even get the chance to own shared in the stocks you’ve chosen at a fat discount to what others pay on the open markets. That’s like getting an instant gain, the day you buy shares. It’s also a special “perk” reserved for members of these “plans”.

What’s more…

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