The No.1 Copywriting Myth BUSTED!

I remember being discouraged from using cliches in my copy, and it never made any sense to me…

Cliches are cliches because they are catchy, memorable turns of phrase.

That’s what good copy should be…

In fact, one of the best-performing sales letters of the last crisis* had a modified cliche as the headline…

*(I’m posting a lot promos from the period right after the 2008 housing crash because I think the ideas that resonated then will resonate now, or soon… in the post coronacrisis world).

In financial copywriting, you might expect to see “The next Microsoft” or “The next Berkshire Hathaway”…

Or, The NEXT Royal Gold

Which, as I understand it, might mean something to gold investors–so it’s quite a targeted headline–and it was a smashing success for Stansberry.

For your convenience, you can red the lead below. Or, click here to download the entire sales letter.

On June 21st 2011:

The NEXT Royal Gold?

The last time this happened, early investors had an opportunity to make and absolute fortune. Now, a small team of researchers believe it could happen again with a tiny gold stock trading for just over $1.000 a share.

Here are the details of what they uncovered…

Dear S&A Subscriber,

When it comes does to it, there are really only a few ways to get ricer from buying a single penny stock…

There’s the imporbably explorer who stumbls on a large oil field or precious metals fine. This happened in 1996, when Arequipa Rseources literally struck gold. (You could have retired in less than 6 months from a small investment in this stock.)

There the technology company that invents and commericializes a world-changing breakthrough, like Celgene did for biopharamceuticals.

Then there are fad-retail stocks, which are as unpredicatable as the rabid masses that drive them…

Like Hansen, a juice-and-soda maker, or Green Mountain Coffee Roasters – a tiny speculation in either company would have paid for a brand new beach house.

Finally, you have the rarest and perhaps most lucrative case of all…

It’s taken plance only a handful of times in modern financial history. But on each occasion, it’s resulted in an explosion of wealth so incredble, the numbers almost seem like they were made up. (I’ll show you these numbers in a moment.)

We thought we might never encounter an opportunity to capitalize on this type of penny stock again.

But it looks like we may actually have the opportunity again, right now… with a microscopically small equity, which I can almost guarantee you have never heard of before…

You see, because this penny stock is currently disguised as a different type of business… it’s virtually undetectable by any traditional methods (more on this later).

Bottom line: we have a valuable gem sitting in plain view. It’s just a matter of time before someone scratches the surface to reveal its true nature.

On June 21st, we’re hosting a special conference call at S&Am which should shed light on this situation….

In the meantime, every penny that gets added to this stock’s share price could mean a small fortune you might miss out on.

How much?

Well, here are the numbers from the previous occurrences I mentioned…

1982: 20,614% gains
1992: 179,300% gains
2004: 17,610% gains

Unbelievable, right?

Let’s get to the details of how this is possible…

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