Four Factors for a Successful Sales Letter

The experts will tell you these are the three most important factors influencing the success of a sales letter (and in this order)…

  1. The List (i.e. Who sees the promo…)
  2. The Offer
  3. The Copy

But there’s a fourth, lesser-talked about factor, that could be just as important as the rest and that’s timing.

I think timing is especially important in financial copywriting, because your market’s emotions move up and down with the market and can completely change in a single day.

We’re all always greedy, fearful, etc. But one emotion can override the other depending on what’s happening in the world around us.

Point is, the timing of copywriter Jedd Canty’s Aftershock sales letter was perfect.

It landed circa 2011, when the economy was coming back to life after the housing bubble of 2008. People were slowly discovering hope again, but still sceptical and suspicious…

Aftershock spoke to that, and it was a blockbuster!

The offer is incredibly strong, too. Take a look…

Click here to download the full sales letter, or read the lead below.

We’ve Just Witnessed Four of the Worst Economic Bibbles in History Burst in Catastrophic Succession… Crippling Our Nation and Robbing You of Tens of Thousands of Dollars!

The ONLY Economists Who Predicted This Mess Now Forsee Two More Bubbles Directly Ahead!

Prepare Now, as Every Penny You Own May Fall Victim to the…


  • Will Your job (or any job) be safe in the Coming Years?
  • Will the Stock Market Plunge 50% (or More) – Taking Your Retirement With It?
  • Will Our Entire Economy Collapse When Communist China Stops Writing Us Blank Checks?

The Shocking Answers and the Step-By-Step Blueprint for Your Financial Salvation Are REVEALED IN THIS MUST READ BOOK!

Yours Free With No Strings Attached.

Only XX XX XX XX Left!

Dear Newsmax Reader,

If I alramed you with the fearsome statements above… well, good.

I must have your attention. Now is not the time for complacency.

I just discovered a riveting (and alarming) book that predicts that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for our economy or your wealth–if you don’t act now.

The book is Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown.

This book is so important… so urgent… and so vital to yur financial well-being… that I want you to have it as my gift.

If you went to purchase it online or in a bookstore, it could cost you as much as $28. But I want you to have it at…

No charge. It is 100% FREE.

But you must hurry. I originally could only get my hands on 5,000 copies. I offered those up to readers and they were taken within hours. So I contacted the publisher and they did a private printing of additional copes of Aftershock for me (at a pretty sizeable fee). And they are almost gone now as well.

The timing could not be more crucial.

Having a false sense of hope is a fruitless endeavor right now. One that could put you in the poor house.

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