One. Big. Bold. Gold. Prediction.

One, big, bold prediction is the secret sauce behind copywriter John Forde’s Gold $2,000 sales letter for newsletter Outstanding Investments.

At the time, gold was trading for about $900 per ounce… so it was an attention-getting claim that worked really well (along with the many teases and promises piled on top!).

Gold surged to about $1,800 within two years of this sales letter running, too. So new subscribers got (almost) exactly what they were promised. Which is great for subscriber retention.

With gold trading at about $1,700 today, and many experts expecting it to run much higher (Bank of America predicted it could go to $3,000 per ounce), it’s probably a good idea to study this golden oldie!

Click here to download the entire sales letter, or read the lead below…

From Hulbert’s No-1 Ranked Advisory Letter Over 5 Tears, Our Most Shocking Forecast Yet…

Gold $2,000

“I’m so sure gold will soar higher I’ll even make you a guarantee… plus, I’ll give you five entirely new ways to play the trend…”

“Including one hidden way to snap up gold… for less than one penny per ounce…

How can that be possible?

Give me the next four minutes and I’ll show you how…

Dear Fellow Levelheaded Reader,

Over the next two years, you’ll witness the greatest surge in gold prices in market history–at least 119% above where gold sits today as I write.

I’m so convinced, I’ll even make you a guarantee.

More on that guarantee in just a second.

But even better, I’ve just discovered a way for you to sneak into the soaring gold market for next to nothing with what I call “penny-per-ounce” gold.

That is, doing this is a “backdoor” way to owning as much of a position in gold as you like… for the equivalent of paying a single cent per ounce.

There’s no alchemy involved. And no trick.

It’s just a gold market “loophole” most investors know nothing about.

I’ll show you how it works here in this letter.

It’s no skin off my nose if you opt not to do this. I’d just hate to see you miss out. And even if you decide it’s not for you, you’ll still want to know about the astounding silver stock I’ll name for you. You can pick it up right now for a 40% discount to what it should be worth on Wall Street…. plus, in this same letter, I’ll show you the best way to play gold using the powerful new efficiency of gold-backed exchange traded funds (ETFs)… not to mention the single best gold stock to own right now and possibly for the next several years, if you choose to own only one.

Here’s the clincher…

I’m going to give you all four of these recommendations… and all the information you need to act on them… FREE.

The symbols, the buy and sell targest, and specific step-by-step instructions on what to do. No charge.

Why would I do that? You’ll see.

But first, let’s dig in and get started…

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