I Have a Hunch This Will Make You a Fortune in the Next Few Years (Working from Home, In Your Jammies, Only 4 Hours Per Day)…

I have a hunch the appeal of “biz op” works especially well in a recession/depression (which we’re in/heading into).

I don’t have much experience in the industry, hence the hunch…

But when people are desperate for extra money, and when many millions are unemployed, that promise to start your own business, working from home, just a few hours a day, and make oodles of cash must resonate.

Heck, that ALWAYS resonates!

On top of this, because of lock down millions of people have experienced working from home for the first time in their lives–many probably won’t want to return to their office cubicle.

So you have the perma-appeal of “biz-op”, boosted by millions of people actually getting to see the benefits of working from home for themselves…

That’s a recipe for biz-op riches, and that’s why it’s probably a good time to start studying successful biz-op sales letters.

Today, I’m sharing “Wood Profits” for your swipe file.

All I know about it, is that it’s been top of the Clickbank charts for years, and I think that makes it pretty darn successful.

In the copy, you can see it probably started running shortly after the housing bubble burst because it references mass unemployment and takes a swipe at “Wall Street goons”.

I’m curious about who they market to… men obviously, but how do they lock-in on men interested in woodworking? Or do most men secretly dream of using their hands and being creative?

For your convenience, you can read the lead below or click here to download the entire sales letter.

Wood Profits – How To Start Your Own Woodworking Business


How To Launch Your Own Woodworking
Business for Under $10000 and Make
$90,000-$150,000 a year!

Date: Tuesday, March 8
From The Desk of Jim Morgan
Home-Based Woodworking Business Owner & Enthusiast

Starting a woodworking business will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life…

Your woodworking business will provide you with a great part-time income while allowing you to spend more quality time with the family. Best of all, you will have FUN doing what you love.

Let’s face it… times are tough right now. People are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. If you’ve been thinking about starting a home based business, it needs to be something fun and easy to start.

The good news is, I can show you how to get a nice extra part-time income by turning your passions into profits and working right from your garage…

And the best thing is, you DON’T need to be a professional woodworker or own a huge workshop with expensive machinery to succeed!

“I Have a Confession to Make, I’m NOT a Risk Taker”

And if you’re like mw and you’d prefer to leave risk taking to skydivers and Wall Street goons, then you’re in good company.

Because, starting a profitable woodworking business is not as risky or difficult as you think. Now…

  • If you want an easy-to-start business that does NOT require you to fork out an arm and a leg for expensive machinery or tools.
  • If you want a business that allows you to work from home and gives you more time with your family.
  • If you want something you can do in your spare time that does not interfere with your job.
  • If you want a business that you can grow and become a full time thing (if you chose to do so).
  • If you want a business that you enjoy doing and that would actually be FUN!
  • If you want an opportunity that would provide a lot of income, quickly and easily with the skills you already have…

Then listen up closely as this is the most important letter you’ll ever read…


The Copywriter Nobody Knows

He was a prolific writer and advertising pioneer, perhaps best-known for co-founding legendary ad agency BBDO in 1919 and creating the industry of “Madison Avenue advertising” (i.e. Mad Men).

But as far as I know, he never wrote a popular book about copywriting, unlike his peers Claude Hopkins, John Caples, David Ogilvy, etc. So perhaps that’s why he stays under-the-radar and little-talked about… even though he’s responsible for some of the best marketing campaigns of the 20th century.

Below, you can download a sales letter he wrote in 1925 that got a 100% response rate and raised at least $366,000 (adjusted for inflation) for a college he studied at as a younger man.

Here’s Bruce Barton’s “Berea College Fundraising Letter”…

For your convenience, the lead is written below and you can download the full sales letter here.

Dear Mr. [BLANK],

For the pas three or four years things have been going pretty well at out house. We pay our bills, afford such luxuries as having the children’s tonsils out, and still have something in the bank at the end of the year. So far as business is concerned, therefore, I have felt fairly well content.

But there is another side to a man, which every now and then gets restless. It says: “What good are you anyway? What influences have you set up, aside from your business, that would go on working if you were to shuffle off tomorrow?”

Of course, we chip in to the Church and the Salvation Army, and dribble out a little money right along in response to all sorts of appeals. But there isn’t much satisfaction in it. For one thing, it’s too diffused and, for another, I’m never very sure in my own mind that the thing I’m giving to is worth a hurrah and I don’t have time to find out.

A couple of years ago I said: “I’d like to discover the one place in the United States where a dollar does more net good than anywhere else.” It was a rather thrilling idea, and I went at it in the same spirit in which our advertising agency conducts a market investigation for a manufacturer. Without bothering you with a long story, I believe I have found the place.

This letter is being mailed to 23 men besides yourself, twenty-five of us altogether. I honestly believe that it offers an opportunitiy to get a maximum amount of satisfaction for a minimum sum.

Let me give you the background.


Black Gold!

No idea how this sales letter did, or who the copywriter is, but it seems well-written and could be a timely one for your swipe file…

Here’s the headline: One Move You Must Make Before Oil Prices Soar Any Higher…

It’s easy to forget that, just a couple of months ago the price of oil went NEGATIVE for the first time in history.

Now it’s had a record rally, and back over $30 a barrel.

While the coronavirus is still dominating the news cycle, it’s only a matter of time before things return to normal (or a “new” normal)… when planes start flying, tankers start sailing, and those unlucky enough not to keep working from home start commuting, oil will be in demand again… and rising oil prices could be a big opportunity for investors–and financial copywriters!

For your convenience, the lead is below. Or, click here to download the entire sales letter.

One Move You Must Make Before Oil Prices Soar Any Higher…

Few investors know about about this behind-the-scenes opportunity – but those who do have been able to grow their money as much as 124% over just the past nine months.

And now, thanks to a series of events nobody could have ever predicted, it looks like this opportunity may end up being bigger than anyone ever imagined. So what is it – and how can you start cashing in?

Read on to find out…

Dear Fellow Investor,

On July 12, 2010, I reached out to a select group of investors with a message nearly identical to the one you’re reading right now…

Among other things, it revealed the full story behind two under-the-radar stocks I was convinvced would shoot much higher in the coming months (I’ll explain my full reasoning just ahead).

Of course, at the time, we were being inundated with pictures of oil-soaked pelicans and talk of offshore drilling moratoriums…

So, suffice it to say, most investors wanted absolutely nothing to do with the two oil-related stocks I was writing about — and that’s a real shame.

Because had you simply taken then time to hear me out and get all the facts, right now you could be up as much as 68% and 124% on those two investments — in less than nine months.

But make no mistake, I’m not writing you today to brag or talk about what could have been…

I’m writing you because — for three reasons I’ve laid out below — I’m more convinced than ever that…

You can make some serious money by investing in these two little-known stocks right now.

Exactly how much are we talking?

Well, when it comes to commodity-related investments like these, there are obviously no guarantees…

But I can tell you that, over the past two years, as gas prices have climbed roughly $1.50 per gallon (and oil has jumped $60 per barrel), these two stocks have soared as much as 224% and 227%…

Meaning had you invested just $2,5000 in each , right now you’d be sitting on more than $16,000. Pretty impressive, to say the least. But just think…

A slightly more aggressive $7,500 in each could have turned into enough money to buy a new Lexus, or put a down payment on a vacation home in Maui, or send your kids to even the most expensive schools, you name it…

So you can imagine what kind of gains you can expect going forward if oil and gas prices continue to shoot through the roof, as experts and analysts from all over the world now expect them to.

“Gas Prices: Brace for Another Surge.” –

“Price fluctuations could become as share as those in the 1970s.” – Associated Press

“Goldman Sachs Fears Severe Oil Market Shortages.” – Reuters

But you’re right to wonder, how much further can prices really climb form here? And won’t they just drop right back down once everything cools off in the Middle East?

Those very same questions crossed my mind when tensions first flared up in Libya last month, so I spent the past few weeks doing intensive research, talking to industry insiders, and running the numbers in order to get some answers…

Over the next few minutes, I’ll share everything I discovered with you — even the shocking reason some in-the-know individuals say the U.S. government secretly wants oil and gas prices to soar…

I’ll also lay bare my case for why you should snap up shares of the two stocks I’ll tell you about as soon as possible, starting with the simple fact that…

Oil and gas prices are headed higher – no matter what happens in the Middle East.


The Secret of “Transubstantiation”

In Catholicism, “transubstantiation” is the process of turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.

Basically, taking something ordinary and making it divine. And it’s something copywriters do a lot…

Take Einstein’s “Space Energy” sales letter from Money Map Press

“Space Energy” is actually plain, boring old solar power. But if the copywriter came right out and said that in the headline–most folks would ignore it. That’s because most people have heard of solar power, and already have their opinions on it.

So the copywriter overcomes that simply by calling it something else, something cool, and adding Einstein’s credibility to it.

See for yourself in the lead below, or download the entire sales letter here.

Einstein’s Space Energy

If you think Einstein won the Nobel Prize for “relativity”, you’d be wrong.

He won it for his little-known theory of “space energy.”

Now, after 110 years, we have the technology to harness Space Energy into “infinite” power – forever.

It could also create endless wealth

While everyone is preoccupied with the ongoing oil soap opera…

The biggest upheaval in the history of commercial energy is quietly unfolding.

And it has nothing to do with fracking, drilling, oil sands, pipelines, Putin, OPEC, Iran, the House of Saud…

Or anything else on the mainstream radar right now.

It’s happening because of an obscure energy breakthrough Einstein himself figured out more than a century ago.

So far in history, this world-changing breakthrough has only been possible on a very small scale.

But suddenly – due to a technological quantum leap I’m about to show you…

The awesome power of Einstein’s vast, never-ending “Space Energy” is no longer solely the stuff of theoretical physics…

It’s no commercially voable on a global scale.

In fact, the mad rush into this new technology is already beginning – and it’s about to turn the global electricity industry upside down.

Why should you care about that, as long as your lights stay on?

Because if you’re one of the lucky few who know about this historic shift before the masses catch on (which will be soon)…

And if you know the one way to play it right…

You stand to collect some of the biggest profits in the history of energy investing.

If my estimates are correct, you could EASILY score north of 200 times your money – in just the short to medium length-term!

And while nothing in the investment world is guaranteed, that could only be a drop in the bucket.

If you get out in front of this thing the way I’m about to show you…

You could actually set yourself and your family up for practically endless wealth.


Ultra Specificity, by Being Unspecific?

I don’t know much about this sales letter, but I’m guessing it was very successful because it was advertised heavily on ad networks for a couple of years around 2013/14 (typically, you’re not going to spend money promoting a sales letter for that long if it’s not profitable).

The ads were somewhat unmissable too (if you’re male), often featuring a scantily clad, and/or seductive-looking female…

The 4 Dangers destroying men today! plus: 1 Weird way to get to ...

The promise in the promo is vague, “how to get to the top and win”, which perhaps appeals to most men’s unfulfilled ambition (Henry David Thoreau said that “men lead lives of quiet desperation”)… and being so unspecific let’s the reader fill in the blanks in their own mind, and imagine what specifically success means to them ( a new car, a promotion, a bigger house, a younger wife… if you mention just one thing, it perhaps alienates the other men with different desires, so this headline is casting a very wide net–basically, all men who want more out of life!).

This by the way, goes against the copywriting rule of being “ultra-specific” — the more specific the more believable — this promo headline proves that’s not always the case because there’s nothing very specific about it.

Anyway, read it and see for yourself…

For your convenience, you can red the lead below, or click here to download the entire sales letter.

The 4 Dangers Destroying Men Today
Plus Once Weird Way to Get to the Top & Win

Dear Friend,

I have some bad news for you today…

I’m not sure if there’s a conspiracy behind it but these dangerous trends have been robbing you of the vitality, zest and success that you truly deserve…

Feeling confident and having success, as a male has never been more difficult… and today I’m going to show you why and deliver a ton of free information on how to take charge of your life and get to the top… while feeling healthier, stronger and much more confident…

One of the vital indicators of male health is sperm… our contribution to the survival of the human race… Unfortunately, male sperm counts have been dropping alarmingly in the last half-century.

The most comprehensive study about this was published in the British Medical Journal in 1992. It contained a series of 61 studies in seme analysis involving 15,000 healthy men from 20 countries and 7 continents and excluded men from fertility clinics that might have low sperm counts.

Worldwide, between 1940 and 1990 the average sperm in a milliliter of male semen dropped more than 50%. The percentage of men with extremely low sperm count tripled in the last half century.

If this downward trend has continued since 1990, and there is substantial evidence that it has as you will soon discover, the average male that’s 30 years old today has less than 25% the sperm count of the average male born in 1925!

So if you’re over 30 years old OR if you’re not waking up with an erection each morning (morning wood is another sign of male health), then you need to pay very close attention to this presentation.

And at the end of this presentation you will realize that these 18 minutes you’ve invested in yourself might be the best spent 18 minutes of the entire year… Why? Because men who watch this video will become much more succesful and those who don’t will remain victims. Fair enough?

Now if there are any women in the room, please ask them to leave because of the very personal and intimate nature of this presentation… and please watch this now while it’s still up…. and while it’s still free…

The research and clinical studies you’re about to discover cost over $400,000.


Who Are You, and Why Should I Care What You Have to Say?

Right after making a massive claim, like an American Apocalypse is en route, it’s good to assure your reader it’s coming from a credible source (and not a crazy person!).

That’s what the recently passed copywriter Clayton Makepeace (R.I.P.) does in his blockbuster American Apocalypse sales letter for Weiss Research, making the lead all about why Martin Weiss is someone you should trust.

Again, it’s important to know about the timing of this sales letter. In my opinion, it’s a big reason why it worked… American Apocalypse hit a couple of years after the 2008 housing bubble popped. Though that might seem late, the economic fallout meant people were still feeling the pain. So it was perfectly plausible to claim things were going to get much, much worse.

If I remember correctly, Clayton was inspired to write this after the smashing success of copywriter Mike Palmer’s End of America sales letter for Stansberry Research (which I’ll post soon). End of America had been running very successfully for about a year before American Apocalypse… so the Big Idea was already proven when Clayton started writing his imitation of it.

This is also a why it’s important to A) Know what’s working and what’s not and B) Keep a Swipe File so you have variety of blueprints to model when writing your own sales letters.

For your convenience, you can read the lead for American Apocalypse below, or click here to download the entire* sales letter.

*The way I pulled this PDF, some segments of copy is missing. But most of it is there.

American Apocalypse

Dear Investor,

Hello, this is Martin Weiss, founder and chairman of Weiss Research — the ONLY form in America that rated and specifically NAMED, well ahead of time, the companies that got crushed by the last crisis, including General Motors, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Citigroup and dozens more.

Those who ignored our warnings lost nearly everything. Those who heeded them had the opportunity to make fortunes.

But now our nation’s predicament is far more serious: A great American Apocalypse is upon us.

Insane government spending, massive debts, out-of-control money printing, and almost unimagineable political cowardice are about to exact a heavy toll from each of us.

And now, as these massive debts begin to implode, and the U.S. dollar plunges in value worldwide, everything in your life is set to change–radically. Millions of Americans are about to lose their income, their savings, their bying power, their homes.

But if you heed these warnings and follow the defense steps I outline in this [MISSING]

This is a crucial moment for me personally, as well. I founded my company Weiss Research more than 40 years ago to give investors honest analysis of the economy and their investments with no conflicts of interest.

I’m particularly proud of the fact that, since 1971, my firm has accurately warned of every major financial crisis, including the infamous “Bloody Monday” stock market crash in 1987… the giant insurance company failures of the 1990s… the “Tech Wreck” in 2000… and the recent housing bust, debt crisis and credit collapse that began in 2007.

As a results, Newsmax said that “[Weiss’s] prediction of the current economic crisis is uncanny.”

Barron’s said, “Weiss is the leader in identifying vulnerable companies.”

And the New York Times said we were “the first to see the dangers and say so unambiguously.”

Now, I have three NEW warnings for you, and the first one is this: Unless our government makes a 180-degree turn…

Just about everything you buy–food, energy, clothing and more–will double, triple, even quadruple in price.


“Enter The Conversation Already Going On in Your Prospect’s Mind”

Another winner from copywriter John Ford, and one of my personal favorites…

Legendary copywriter Rober Collier said “enter the conversation already going on in your prospects mind.”

“Retirement, Plan B” does this perfectly. The reader just witnessed their retirement savings get obliterated by the housing crisis. And it’s still fresh in their memory how virtually every “expert” failed to warn them about this.

Now, it’s time to dust themselves off and take matters in their own hands, with Retirement, Plan B

For your convenience, you can read the lead below, or click here to download the entire sales letter.

Enroll today and immediately start collecting “pension paychecks” every 12 days, for the rest of your life…

Retirement, Plan B:

Withouth doing a single moment’s wok, now you can legally sneak onto the “payroll” of over 1,000 of America’s best companies…

And collect a regular “Plan B Pension” check as often as every 12 days…

At any age and for as long as you like, even after you’ve already retired…

With nonstop annual incomes running as high as $120,000 or more…

Dear Friend,

Suppose you could collect up to $120,000 in work-free “paychecks” every single year.

Even if you’re retired. At any age. And for as long as you like.

What I’ll show you is that, thanks to a few little-publicized opportunities, now you can.

What’s more, you can even pass this steady stream of annual cash that I’ll introduce you to… to your spouse, to your children, even to your grandchildren.

In fact, many of America’s richest families count on these “plans” to do exactly that for their own loved ones. What exactly are we talking about?

This technique goes by many names. I call it the “Plan B Pension.”

As I said, this strategy rarely grabs the big headlines.

Even though it’s the best “little-talked-about” retirement secret I’ve ever come across.

I’ll show you how it works over the next five minutes. I’ll also reveal why right now, in the midst of the greatest market shakeout since the 1930s, this may be the best time in history for you to take a closer look at this secret.

Why? For one thing, “Plan B Pensions” have a proven track record over time.

They can nearly double your market performance.

And “Plan B Pensions” give you many, many times more options for rebalancing your portfolio in a shifting market than you’ll see in either the classic plans or more modern versions, like the 401(k) approach.

What’s more, unlike those better-known approaches, with a “Plan B Pension”, you’ll never butt your head against age limits, withdrawal penalties or participation restrictions.

As long as you enroll, you can participate.

You don’t have to work for anybody to get in.

You don’t have to give away a piece of your paycheck every month either.

Once you set up your “Plan B Pension”, it starts running itself.

You can start getting checks issues in your name every 12 days, on average. And getting this ball rolling can be as easy as opening a savings account.

In fact, I’ll show you six different “Plan B Pensions” programs you’re invited to join right now. I’m not personally affiliated with any of them. But after a lot of research and analysis–all of which I’ll share with you–these six moves are easily the best “Plan B” opportunities you’ll find on the market today.

The report that details each of these six moves is yours to send for, at no charge. You can download it right after you read this or I can mail it to you. I shod you how to set that up and the end of this letter.

And by the way, you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

You can get into some of these “Plan B Pension” programs with as little as $10.

And once you’re set up, you can be collecting as many as 38 “Plan B Pension paychecks” each year… with your first in this lifelong stream of cash windfalls arriving in as little as two weeks from today.

Like a classic fixed-benefit pension, these checks keep coming for as long as you need them… and long after you retire. And like a 401(k), with “Plan B Pensions”, you can also get “matched” gains… where the “plan” owner actually kicks in some extra cash with each payout, just to reward you for participating in the “plan”.

This chart shows how “Plan B Pensions” compare…


In some of these “plans”, you even get the chance to own shared in the stocks you’ve chosen at a fat discount to what others pay on the open markets. That’s like getting an instant gain, the day you buy shares. It’s also a special “perk” reserved for members of these “plans”.

What’s more…


The No.1 Copywriting Myth BUSTED!

I remember being discouraged from using cliches in my copy, and it never made any sense to me…

Cliches are cliches because they are catchy, memorable turns of phrase.

That’s what good copy should be…

In fact, one of the best-performing sales letters of the last crisis* had a modified cliche as the headline…

*(I’m posting a lot promos from the period right after the 2008 housing crash because I think the ideas that resonated then will resonate now, or soon… in the post coronacrisis world).

In financial copywriting, you might expect to see “The next Microsoft” or “The next Berkshire Hathaway”…

Or, The NEXT Royal Gold

Which, as I understand it, might mean something to gold investors–so it’s quite a targeted headline–and it was a smashing success for Stansberry.

For your convenience, you can red the lead below. Or, click here to download the entire sales letter.

On June 21st 2011:

The NEXT Royal Gold?

The last time this happened, early investors had an opportunity to make and absolute fortune. Now, a small team of researchers believe it could happen again with a tiny gold stock trading for just over $1.000 a share.

Here are the details of what they uncovered…

Dear S&A Subscriber,

When it comes does to it, there are really only a few ways to get ricer from buying a single penny stock…

There’s the imporbably explorer who stumbls on a large oil field or precious metals fine. This happened in 1996, when Arequipa Rseources literally struck gold. (You could have retired in less than 6 months from a small investment in this stock.)

There the technology company that invents and commericializes a world-changing breakthrough, like Celgene did for biopharamceuticals.

Then there are fad-retail stocks, which are as unpredicatable as the rabid masses that drive them…

Like Hansen, a juice-and-soda maker, or Green Mountain Coffee Roasters – a tiny speculation in either company would have paid for a brand new beach house.

Finally, you have the rarest and perhaps most lucrative case of all…

It’s taken plance only a handful of times in modern financial history. But on each occasion, it’s resulted in an explosion of wealth so incredble, the numbers almost seem like they were made up. (I’ll show you these numbers in a moment.)

We thought we might never encounter an opportunity to capitalize on this type of penny stock again.

But it looks like we may actually have the opportunity again, right now… with a microscopically small equity, which I can almost guarantee you have never heard of before…

You see, because this penny stock is currently disguised as a different type of business… it’s virtually undetectable by any traditional methods (more on this later).

Bottom line: we have a valuable gem sitting in plain view. It’s just a matter of time before someone scratches the surface to reveal its true nature.

On June 21st, we’re hosting a special conference call at S&Am which should shed light on this situation….

In the meantime, every penny that gets added to this stock’s share price could mean a small fortune you might miss out on.

How much?

Well, here are the numbers from the previous occurrences I mentioned…

1982: 20,614% gains
1992: 179,300% gains
2004: 17,610% gains

Unbelievable, right?

Let’s get to the details of how this is possible…


The No.1 Copywriting Secret YOU CAN’T HAVE…

One of my all-time favorite headlines, from copywriter Jim Rutz (who also wrote the uber-compelling READ THIS OR DIE! headline”)…

The 100 Greatest Cures YOU CAN’T HAVE…

It’s instantly arresting and impossible to avoid reading further. That which is forbidden sends our curiosity and desire in overdrive… “Now that I can’t have it, I want it!”

From what I remember (this is going back almost ten years!), this package was a blockbuster for Agora’s health division, HSI.

For your convenience, you can read the lead below or click here to download the full sales letter.


The 100 Greatest Cures YOU CAN’T HAVE…

If you knew the secrets to curing…

Your best friend’s CANCER…

Your spouses’s HEART DISEASE…

Your parent’s ALZHEIMER’S…


Wouldn’t you want to tell the world RIGHT NOW?

Of course you would. And so do the researchers who made the discoveries you’re read about here! These breakthroughs have alread delivered results beyond patients’ wildest dreams… And they could be in your medicine cabinet tomorrow…

But instead of getting to you, THEY’RE GETTING BURIED.

I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy. It’s just how the medical system works: If nature made the cure, you can’t patent it… if you can’t patent it, you can’t mark it up for mega-profits…

And that means you can’t pay for TV commercials, you can’t deluge doctors with samples, you can’t endow universities to bless it with their research, and you can’t afford the legal shenanigans to push it through the FDA. No wonder the National Academy of Sciences now reports…

IT COULD TAKE UP TO 17 YEARS for discoveeries like these to reach doctors and hospitals!

But I’m happy to say there’s a new system now and it’s custom designed to serve you…

Thanks to the courageous doctors & researchers of The HEALTH SCIENCES INSTITUTE (HSI)

HSI is a medical network unlike any other in the world. It includes many of the most famous names in the world of alternative medicine. Doctors and scientists on the cutting edge of natural healing research came togther because they care deeply, not just about science, but about you.

The HSI network bypasses the bureaucrats, and passes the breakthroughs directly from the scientists to you

It’s a partnership unique in the history of medicine. At last you’ll get the breakthroughs your loved onces need, not next decade, not next year…But instantly. Well before health “gurus” who often are not involved in the actual discoveries.

And when I say “discoveries,” I don’t mean GINGKO and BROCCOLI SPROUTS

I promise you, the breakthroughs in this report are so much more powerful, they leave best-selling drugs and supplements in the dust.

And there’s so much to tell you about. Because our Advisory panel is truly global. They’re everywhere medicine is happening. Down in South America, over in Japan, in Europe, here in the USA…No single health guru could possibly stay on top of so much, right as it happens.

The HSI network is 107,000 strong now and getting stronger every day

By the end of this report, I know you’ll be inspired by the stories of Members we have helped. And we’ll be pleased to show you how to get all these out-of-reach treatments now. Just order today, and

We’ll rish you the newly revised and updated encyclopedia of HSI’a 100 Greatest Underground Cures… FREE!

It contains full details about all the breakthroughs referenced in this report, and many more.

How they work. Recommended dosages. And, where to get them. Plus, it’s just the first of many life-saving benefits you’ll receive as a Member. Do let us hear from you soon, so we can tell you more about…


Four Factors for a Successful Sales Letter

The experts will tell you these are the three most important factors influencing the success of a sales letter (and in this order)…

  1. The List (i.e. Who sees the promo…)
  2. The Offer
  3. The Copy

But there’s a fourth, lesser-talked about factor, that could be just as important as the rest and that’s timing.

I think timing is especially important in financial copywriting, because your market’s emotions move up and down with the market and can completely change in a single day.

We’re all always greedy, fearful, etc. But one emotion can override the other depending on what’s happening in the world around us.

Point is, the timing of copywriter Jedd Canty’s Aftershock sales letter was perfect.

It landed circa 2011, when the economy was coming back to life after the housing bubble of 2008. People were slowly discovering hope again, but still sceptical and suspicious…

Aftershock spoke to that, and it was a blockbuster!

The offer is incredibly strong, too. Take a look…

Click here to download the full sales letter, or read the lead below.

We’ve Just Witnessed Four of the Worst Economic Bibbles in History Burst in Catastrophic Succession… Crippling Our Nation and Robbing You of Tens of Thousands of Dollars!

The ONLY Economists Who Predicted This Mess Now Forsee Two More Bubbles Directly Ahead!

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